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UPDATE: Post Surgery Challenges (More Coming SOON!)

UPDATE: Thanks to everyone who has taken time to keep up with my story and blog! I cannot find sufficient ways to express my appreciation! My apologies for the gap in-between posts, but as I have always stated, I am open and honest about everything I encounter as an amputee. The day my leg was amputated was not the end, but yet the beginning of a very difficult, tiresome and rewarding journey. Along that journey there would be new hurdles that would be placed in front of me, and unfortunately, I am at a time in my life in which I am dealing with yet another challenge. As an amputee, I have always been aware of the fact that I would need subsequent surgical procedures in order to remedy certain issues when they arise. On May 3rd of this year, I had a revision procedure to remove a bone spur in hopes of providing some relief while wearing my prosthetic limb. The surgery went well, and I am on the road to recovery, but yet again, even my challenges can be challenging. Even though my residual limb is healing, I am still not able to wear my prosthetic leg, and therefore have not been able to walk for almost 5 weeks. This has been very difficult for me both physically and mentally, having to navigate life as a 31-year-old man on one leg without the assistance of my prosthetic device has really taken its toll. There have been days in which I did not feel like getting out of bed, grabbing my crutches and knowing that my mobility has been compromised for the time being. It is also a challenge to focus on the positivity that surrounds me when I am dealing with a setback that essentially brings my life to a screeching halt. That being said, I WILL BOUNCE BACK, and even though it is difficult, and some days I just don’t want to be positive, in the end, there are too many people who suffer in this world and have it ten times worse than I can ever imagine. I do not know how long it will take to feel like myself again, and until that time, I will do my best to try and motivate each and every person I encounter that is going through a challenging time. This is the first time I have felt well enough to sit down and put words on paper once again. Please stick with me, I will continue to write my blog, and new posts are on the way (I promise). Until that time, please check out the current 19 posts as well as this incredible story that was featured in the University of Kentucky daily newsletter.

If you are struggling, and you feel like you cannot dig yourself out of the darkness, remember that there is no timeline to feeling positive, some days we need to embrace the dark in order to truly appreciate the light.

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